"She instantly made us feel comfortable and beautiful in front of the camera. That beauty was carried through, in every smile, tear, raindrop, and dance move. I truly cannot recommend a more talented, energetic, caring, and inspirational photographer to capture a day so full of love and emotion. We are so grateful."


"We typically are not abundantly photogenic people, and we were stunned to tears by how beautifully and perfectly she captured every smile, every gaze, and every celebratory pose. We love her from the bottom of our hearts, plain and simple."





"She has a style, energy, and talent that you will not find with anyone else. We cannot recommend her enough!"


"We absolutely loved working with Colette! She was wonderful to work with throughout the entire process! She made us feel comfortable, kept us laughing in freezing cold temperatures (winter wedding in VT)! Our friends and family also LOVED her and she was extremely attentive and receptive to family dynamics, timing, and our priorities! We would absolutely recommend her again and again and again!"





"The woman is down-right gifted with natural talent. She truly has an infectious personality and behavior that brings out natural emotion and comfort, then she effortlessly snaps the perfect photo that embodies the moment."


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"I am beyond happy! I can not image my pictures looking any better, and on top of that I really enjoyed having you there that day. I think I probably spent more alone time with you than anyone else, and, really, you are such a joy!"