Vermont Professional Photographers // Print Competition

this will be my 5th year submitting work for the annual print competition with the Vermont Professional Photographers and it’s the first year where i feel like i actually “get it.“ i say that because there is a particular style, ascetic each image is judged on along with their title. it’s especially difficult for wedding images specifically due to the sheer fact there isn’t a whole lot of control a photographer has on a wedding day. (well, limited control.) therefore i don’t submit wedding images for that reason. until this year..

there are specific things the judges are looking for that go into the meriting of an image which is the standard from the Professional Photographers of America. images are judged on:


tehnical excellance





color balance

center of interest


subject matter


story telling

SO …… I MEAN……. just remember to think of ALL Of those things in addition to your exposure settings the next time you click a shutter. :)


so proud to show off my first ever wedding image that i submitted got a blue ribbon (scored 80 out of 100)! i was actually working behind the scenes at the live judging (SO EXCITING!) and got to listen in on the judges critiques. this has always been THEE highlight of my year - listening to feedback and the critique. and also doing my best not to jump in and try to defend myself. ;) my favorite part about art school - and in life - are the critiques. how can you grow if you don’t know what doesn’t work and what does? i try to apply it to all aspects of my life.


i received a Court of Honor award from last year’s blue ribbon entry “Shades of Radiance.” it’s been my highest scored print thus far at 84!

just some bragging and photo love here at the CKPhoto studio and a reminder that your art form is a beautiful journey and not ever ever a race. XOXO




first wedding of 2019 & what a way to kick off the season!

caitlin and jesus married at zen barn in waterbury, which is the best barn for a winter wedding! thee coziest atmosphere for a snowy (& sunny) winter day! what a way to start the new year off!

their details perfectly reflected them; the coffee beans from ecuador in honor of jesus’ family, the puzzle solving seating assignment from caitlin’s engineer crafting and the most heartfelt wedding vows. (i am pretty good at keeping it together, but totally got watery-eyed!)

the deep royal wedding colors contrasted against the winter setting sun and check out this champagne toast with the wedding party right before the reception! they sure know how to get the party started!

thank you caitlin and jesus for having me there to capture your stunning day. i wish more couple’s would embrace the winter like you! XOXO

Barn // Zen Barn

Cake Bar // Mirabelles

videographer // IRM Studios

DJ // SVpply Beats

rings // Tick Tock Jewler & Raintree (wedding bands)

Freeman Marcus Jewler (engagement ring)

bridal attire // Fiori Bridal

groom’s attire // Hockerty

hair & make-up // Salon on Main Waterbury VT



questions for photographers //

in preparation of the upcoming move, i have been marikondo-ing my life and found this old photo magazine that i happened to flick through.

i thought this Q&A seemed fun (written by a swede!) from a photographer’s perspective, so here ya go, some lunch break material or while you wait in line for your latte!

totallllly happy to chat more about these questions, because some have got my gears turning!


Scan 44 copy 2.jpeg
Scan 44.jpeg
Scan 44 copy.jpeg
  1. colette kulig.

2. i love my job.

3. i think society defines it as a job. (?) there are certainly less fun tasks (which i would call “more job“) like paperwork and book keeping. but i never feel like “i don’t want to go to work today“ or that what i do feels like work.

4. i think for me the magic of daydreaming of images in my head, to the whole execution of creating it, and then getting to share it with people never gets old. it always takes my breath away from start to finish.

5. ha! great question. inspired. always. i have the little kid ‘WHOA!’ reaction and then i start to dig deeper into the technical and who/what/where/how’s.

6. because.every.little.thing.needs.to.be.exact. variables that you do have control over, and variables that you don’t have control over; everything needs to follow photo rules but also give that hard emotion (sometimes) to the viewer. it’s a perfect balance of technical and artistic.

7. OUU! damn. good question. i mean.. i would hope they knew at least some art school basics so they would have an appreciation for it. however, who am i to say? i am obsessed with music, but know nothing about the technical side. should i not be able to throw whatever money at it because of that? super good question. i don’t think i have a solid answer. ha!

8. but really, who does?

9. perhaps it’s because we all have cameras in our back pockets (phones) that it’s so accessible it allows for quantity over quality? also i could argue the hard photo basics (composition, lighting, color, etc.) and most do not have an awareness of this or refined taste perhaps?

10. 12? ha! ummmm. i would say beauty is in the eye of the beholder? (are you going to use this and rub it in my face for #7?)

11. i think what it comes down to, is human connection & emotion. (i strive to photograph how shakespeare writes). trends such as camera angles, editing trends (like desaturated, silvery greens is so en vouge now), even the clothing people are wearing in the photos will of course be outdated, but when you look at it and feel the connection, you are golden.

12. i think it’s the preservation - which is what photography itself does. something tangible from the past that it now in the present is the most beautiful thing on earth. i think it just becomes more beautiful the older it gets. it starts becoming a piece of history with the materials it was printed on, how it was printed, how it was photographed. so much history and beauty.

13. ugly vs cool. history repeats itself and everything needs it’s moment to shine!

14. wait for it! totally. it comes at inconvenient times like just as i am about to fall asleep, on a run or driving, but i keep notebooks nearby to jot ideas down.

15. inspiration is when something stops you dead in your tracks. you get this urge of feeling so connected to “it“ (“it” meaning whatever form you are being inspired by). you feel like only you and it exist in the universe and have to incorporate it in your life/work and do everything you can to understand it. it releases every ounce of dopamine. i feel like maybe i am describing the way i obsess over things, ha! i really am a weirdo, deep down.

16. not at all! i don’t take myself or life too seriously.

17. i think being an expert at anything requires putting in the time and experience.

18. live to work. im a photographer - i am obsessed and love what i do. everyday.

19. SOOOOOOO IMPORTANT. i have assistants who are helpful hands on photoshoots, at weddings, behind the scenes, post production, my graphic designer - i really don’t do it ALL. photography is just as labor intensive from the film days to now in the digital days.

20. the same things as when i was 15: music videos, fashion magazines, ballet & punk rock.

here are some throw backs from good ol’ art / photo school.

radio city music hall, rockette audtions, //2004, nyc, 35 mm b&w fim

radio city music hall, rockette audtions, //2004, nyc, 35 mm b&w fim

this kid dan i hung out with once. no clue where he is now. dan? you out there? // 2005, nh, 35mm b&w film

this kid dan i hung out with once. no clue where he is now. dan? you out there? // 2005, nh, 35mm b&w film

self portrait, note on the wall says “dear colette, you should floss“ // 2006, boston, 35mm color film

self portrait, note on the wall says “dear colette, you should floss“ // 2006, boston, 35mm color film

dorie, sva studio // 2004, nyc, 35mm b&w film

dorie, sva studio // 2004, nyc, 35mm b&w film

when you are my roommate, you better believe you are modeling with me. // 2006, boston, digital

when you are my roommate, you better believe you are modeling with me. // 2006, boston, digital