i can not think of a more appropriate day than today, june 27th to share some these treasures.

i went to my parents home, where my old bedroom closet is still fill of expired rolls of film, boxes of photo paper from the dark room, cd's with digital files from when everything turned digital and all things photo and art school. it's like my narnia. 

since david is back in sweden this summer i have come to the realization that this summer is 9 years since i was in europe for the first time. i can't even believe that the number 10 has to come out of my mouth next year (literally, how fast does life really go?) i had wanted to run around europe since i was a teenager so i went the year after i graduated photo school and lived in sweden as an au pair and ran around europe that summer. countries included: UK, Switzerland, Italy, Poland, France & Belgium. 

finding these discs and re-editing them, was that i discovered on the metadata it was june 27th (not june 28th i thought all these years) that david and i first met. this photo of him was taken about an hour or so after we met at the train station and walked to his apartment before jumping on his bike to the beach. it's still forever, and ever, and ever, my favorite day, ever.   

i have yet to go through all the countries but here are some. few switzerland & sweden, but mostly italy & poland (i had to investigate the two countries where my families come from).

p.s. any of my assistants graduating school know how much i push for going and running around the world! i feared i would "put cement shoes on" after i graduated jumping into a job. it was thrilling to explore, be in a different culture, learn a new language, kiss foreigners, hit up music shows, go dancing & have the best life adventures ever.