bananas obsessed with robert longo's MEN IN THE CITIES series. 


i am attracted to the aesthetics of the charcoal art pieces and upon further investigation of his series i fell madly in love with his entire project.

what started from a character being shot in the back at the ending scene of American Solider, Robert Longo explored more with the (american) obsession with death, dying and the jerking, spastic movements of the body. almost like a punk rock dance. 

did someone say a punk rock dance? SIGN ME UP. 

he photographed his friends on his rooftop apartment building in nyc in the late 70s/early 80s by throwing objects at them, or tying ropes around body parts and jerking them. he photographed them, in business attire (which is what they normally wore) and this was the inspiration for his charcoal drawings.  

im not a drawer by any stretch of the imagination but what i am obsessed with most are his BLACKS. they are so solid, it looks like a xerox even. all of his work leaves me breathless where i am fooled if it's charcoal or a photograph.  

i would plaster my walls in this series. if i had the space (they are like 9 feet tall) and the money (down payment on a house or an original? i could be tempted...)

so i decided that i wanted to BE a part of the series. like the total, obsessive fan girl i am. thanks to isaac wasuck for studio, space, lighting, throwing tennis balls at me, counting, shouting, blowing airhorns and pressing the trigger while i pretend fireballs are coming towards me and literally trying to balance on my high heels (but for real real.)

be inspired. copycat. have idols. & photograph yourself. XOXO