annie & maggie,

i for real can't even with you two.

such an adventure to come to boston to photograph you both.

annie was the girl up the street who i use to babysit back in the day. we had a ball! we choreographed jumping into the pool with nelly furtado's "im like a bird," played made up games like Therapist, Neighbor, and characters like Tabitha Mocha. her dog Arnold was always finding something to eat (both in and out of the house), we always made sure to watch A Baby Story at 2pm (mostly we just skipped to 2:20pm for the birth part to gross ourselves out!) & i also photographed her from time to time when i was getting into film photography in high school. 

when i lived out in los angeles a couple years ago, annie came out to visit maggie which is when i met her for the first time. i was immediately hooked. maggie is like a 20 year old mexican james dean. i confess i would love to be as cool as her. she is so laid back, easy to talk to, and it's just soo heartwarming to see how much they love and respect each other. i could not imagine a more perfect match for either of them.

my heart is so full, i am so proud and delighted to photograph these chic souls in downtown boston.

cheers to the wedding later this year. so much love. XOXO