a girl from the bronx and a boy from vermont . . . . when i first met sarena and nick, sarena's giant, sparkling eyeballs sucker punched me in the gut. these blue, bright and full of energy and radiance lit up the dark cafe we were at. nick's calm manner but sense of humor always had me cracking a smile! we bonded over tea and i just sat back and listened to them paint me the picture of their wedding day - late may, purples, blues and a ceremony in the shape of a circle. 

the ceremony was the most beautiful and not only just a in the shape of a circle, but it created a close-tight knit feeling with their "Friends in Blue" who gave touching and tearful readings, the ring warming where the ring boxes were passes through each guest's hands, and an epic dance outro that kicked off cocktail hour right!

sarena brought to my attention a few days prior she would have a surprise for nick. i think i asked her if she wanted me to photograph it while they were getting ready, but it was the greatest gift ever - SHE SANG TO HIM! At Last by Etta James, and she not only sang it, but she banged it out of the ball park with those notes and there was not a dry eye in the house! (we did indeed edit their collection to some of Etta...)

sarena and nick, it was a complete joy watching you get married and seeing you two together, crazy about each other, we know this is what love is and what people strive for. thank you for letting me be there to capture this day for you. XOXO