I was addicted to fashion editorials in high school. I studied video / multi-media production in high school and ventured into photography –  just buying rolls of film and shooting myself, friends, family members, girls from ballet class, math class, neighbors, and I couldn’t get enough. The world was my stage, and regular high school students were transformed into my models and visions. We got silly, I directed and it all felt like a goofy slumber party (and it still does!) When the film was developed back I was always left breathless. The butterflies never flutter harder. I could cry every time I look at an image in the physical form that was once just locked in my head as a daydream. This is my WHY. Because the butterflies flutter too much when I see something that I have created.

The execution is just the fun part.

Dress: Fiori Bridal

Model: Erika