amanda and benjamin...

so many heartfelt skype calls and wedding secrets about how certain details are unimportant on a wedding day. (most of you know i, myself married in a courthouse in sweden with 10 people and stuffed as many as i could (17!) in our apartment for the reception.) when you think of your wedding day, and what is left after all is said and done is: your marriage. (i also like to say the photos because, i mean, c'mon..)

 i feel like anyone planning a wedding: listen to yourself. there are social norms, family expectations, pressure from friends. but honestly, this is where you can go.your.own.way. have a think about what is most important to you. in a way, planning a wedding is like a right of passage where you get to be the 'hostess with the mostess' with making detailed selections of napkin color & h'orderves. every couple, every person is different and as a photographer i am here to capture your story from the beginning. no matter what flowers you have or don't have. 

amanda first told me she thought benjamin was handsome. she is vermont girl, one who lights up the entire room when she walks in, the best laugh that makes you laugh; she is captivating, vivacious, hilarious and so down to earth you know her roots are with her family & friends. benjamin is a handsome, jazz musician from philly and is thee perfect ying to amanda's yang. soft spoken, yet he can make amanda laugh like no other. he grounds her, supports her and adores life in the fast lane with her.

they just wanted to get married on the staircase of the lilac inn, with the snow outside & a house party filled with their loved ones.

i think it was more than accomplished and i was thrilled to be there with them on this wedding journey. xoxo