phew. i know, i know. i have been abnormally quiet and absent the 2nd half of the year. honestly, it's been BANANAS keeping everything in order from wrapping up wedding season, while trying to find the zen in my life, to having to deal with health issues.  

BUT! i can walk you through some of my highlights from the year as i look back on 2017. for better or for worse, here is what the year was made up of:

1. we hired justin, our amazing editor. 

there was an unusually busy spring this year which started wedding season out early! may is my favorite month in general and i think me saying every winter "i wish there were more may weddings" - because ask and you shall receive! i could NOT have gotten through this year without my amazing editor JUSTIN! he spent hours on your gorgeous collections while i put my blood, sweat and tears into my favorites from your days! my assistants who keep me sane and focused on wedding days (quinn, chris, samuel, bri, grace, & my new comers!) and of course YOU ALL who give me so much joy on your wedding days.  thank you for making this year unforgettable and jam packed, non-stop wedding love fun! 

2. buying my first pair of ray bans.

i have lusted and drooled over ray bans. i can't help but think of roy orbison, and 60s rockers in these classic wayfairers. so i spoiled myself & they are my babies.

(literally was listening to roy orbison while photographing this. and no, not on purpose.)

(literally was listening to roy orbison while photographing this. and no, not on purpose.)

3. 2017's music obsessions:

concerts of the year:


songs i re-fell in love with (aka became obsessed again):

"killing an arab" the cure & "another one bites the dust" queen

musical crushes i re-fell in love with:

brandon flowers (i think this is life-long), the drums, bahamas, the war on drugs, phish

artists i discovered & developed unhealthy obsessions:

youth lagoon (17) & mø (final song)

top song in the editing room, editing your wedding photos:

4. health issues.

Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at 4.38.06 PM.png

jeez, i hope this doesn't get too lengthy. earlier this year something just felt "off." i chalked it up to stress, being a business owner, or that since i hit 30 i just felt out of sorts -puberty in reverse. well i wasn't too far off being diagnosed with a hormone imbalance called poly cystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). (wtf!?) i had never heard of it, but now i have spent so much time researching, reading, learning and feeling like a bit of a lab rat with this whole thing, since there is no cure. i have had to re-learn how to eat, what to eat, when to eat and my relationship with food. not that i didn't have a good relationship, but discovering what my body needs or doesn't, and how it impacts my life - how i have to constantly plan and be conscious has knocked me off my feet since i have always been able to eat anything without thinking twice about it. (cheese, anyone?) and also how this changes my outlook on life. how i have always constantly put others before myself in all aspects of my life. i have to learn how to start with ME.

it all started since i put on weight after moving back to vermont 3 years ago and my face was freaking out with acne like a 14 year old. this of course doesn't make anyone feel good, but discouraged, low self esteem and also having "brain fog" and being unable to concentrate. i literally told people i felt like a robot malfunctioning with smoke coming out of my head about to explode. that's the best way to put it. also feeling grounchy, hangry & just out of control. (insulin drop anyone?) in addition to PCOS, i was also diagnosed with rosacea, both without a cure. PCOS is a path way to diabetes if left untreated and also is the leading cause of infertility. of course the frosting on the cake, finding a beautiful fibroid on my uterus. (so no, i really am not having children, thanks.) it has been emotional in my day to day life, my marriage and overall wellness. but knowledge is power and self pity can only get you so far, so i have decided to take these conditions head-on and literally turn my life upside down to be the best version of myself i can be, both inside and out. i've had to find happiness in other things than just cheese. 

i literally would not have found these issues if it were not for suzy shulman, creater and owner of STRENGTH BY BALANCE, the fearless leader of my work out classes. she offers lifestyle coaching which started this whole journey. a huge, huge thank you to her knowledge, positivity, being my cheerleader and navigator in these dark waters. i get a little teary-eyed typing this. (if you're ready to join class let me know & you can be my guest!) 

as i photographed your weddings, every ceremony, every kiss and embrace has been especially emotional as i was with you and witnessing the beginning of your lives together. please do not ever forget the meaning and symbols of a marriage, and through the thick & thin promises you have made to each other. lives can change in a matter of seconds. 

5. blue ribbon from the Vermont Professional Photographers print competition

no, they are not models, they are my insanely amazing assistants! 

no, they are not models, they are my insanely amazing assistants! 

6. standing desk

Screen Shot 2017-12-26 at 9.06.41 PM.png

i am beyond obsessed. best thing i have ever done in life. xoxo


those who know me know how much i LOVE to laugh! i am not a quiet girl, i am not shy in busting out the laughs - they are abrupt, obnixious (i totally get it, my mother excused me from the dinner table more than once growing up), but your brain shuts off & it's just pure joy suffocaiting you! SO! this! is in true colette-fashion "OMG I CAN'T BREATHE" moment when i discovered CROSSWALK : THE MUSICAL from James Corden, and let me tell you how burning with jealously i am that i: 1. didn't create this or 2. couldn't be a part of it. 

8. the death of tom petty.



two words: god damnit. & really. i am beyond disappointed in myself i somehow "forgot" a week later to actually BUY the tickets to see him july 13th in connecticut. i even told myself this was the year i would actually go out of my way to see my favorite artists since they are all dying off. i am beyond heartbroken. as a pre-schooler, i was obsessed with music videos. "free fallin" from 1989 (when i was 4) is probably the meaning of life in a music video. it's my #2 of forever and ever favorite and also what inspired me to get to the west coast; i never knew what Ventura Blvd was until i WORKED ON IT, and i just wanted to find tom petty to hang out with and talk about life. clearly, that would never happen in this life time. RIP you beautiful, inspiring, quiet, talented rockstar. XOXO

so, of course i went to the local tribute show and had a broken heart with tears in my eyes. xo

9. we got a cat!


name: Rue

nickname: Boo-Boo

where: re-home from a dear friend moving out of vermont

why: my husband is obsessed & this is his child. (im the "mean-mom")

10. i bought a turntable & learning how to scratch

i have wanted turntables since 6th grade when i fell in love with the beastie boys. my mother said NO WAY even though i begged they would be in the garage. i thought picking up a hobby would do me good, so thanks to DJ Kanganade i am learning. more practicing in 2018!

Screen Shot 2017-12-26 at 9.08.07 PM.png

11. we went to sweden for the first time since moving to vermont.

it was amazing to be back in sweden, and to see our dear ones. we only wished for more time to see you all - never enough time! 

Screen Shot 2017-12-26 at 9.09.06 PM.png
Screen Shot 2017-12-26 at 9.09.19 PM.png
Screen Shot 2017-12-26 at 9.09.29 PM.png

12. i've been tattooed for a decade. 

i keep forgetting i'm not 20 anymore. ha. my beloved backseams are 10 years old and they have not faded or fallen off like my dreams used to suggest.