1 part austrailian.  half part dutch & the other half vermont.

 i have a special place in my heart for my long distance and international couples. because you can't have one without the other!

meredith grew up and got her teaching degree in australia & met rem while they were both working at a vermont summer camp on the boat docks. rem is currently in grad school studying landscape architecture and is taking a little bit after his father who is an architect here in vermont. 

they plan to have their wedding at the beautiful home rem's father built and rem grew up in. we decided having the engagement session there made most sense since it's a place dear to both of their hearts. one of their favorite hang out spots is in the breakfast nook - enjoying a hot cup of tea and each other's company on the weekends so it was obvious we need to capture this! 

really fun to see the muted winter scene behind them outside and how much it will florish for their july summer wedding! i am counting down the days (literally my tag line through the whole sessions was, "AWWNN! YOU GUYS! 6 MONTHS FROM TODAY!")