when i meet with couple's for their wedding, the number 1 request for photos are: CANDIDS. according to this survey from Professional Photographers of America i am not alone.

 this is one of the reasons why i love photography : we can go back in time, to a certain place with special people and visually be transported back to the feelings of that moment.

"time stands still when you reflect upon a moment captured in a photograph."

i grew up a pack-rat. i still struggle with it. items like movie passes, receipts, empty cartons, old shoes, etc. they trigger memories & bring back that exact moment in time. i am temporary transported there when i look at these objects. looking at old photographs (i mean film days, (not a posed cell phone shot) like at family gatherings where no one is camera-aware and it's a TRUE slice of life, an authentic moment) are what makes my heart beat.  

the dictionary definition of candid: 

1. truthful and straightforward; frank.

2. (of a photograph of a person) taken informally, especially without the subject's knowledge.

(i saw a photography exhibit in nyc in july of random, unclaimed rolls of film from maybe russia from the 80s(?) and i watch it and cried. i cried looking at these moments. i didn't know these people or anything about their lives, but it was honest, it was life, it was real and what happened. there was so much beauty in everything.) 

don't get me wrong. i am head over heels in love with posing and directing and working with my clients in how to look good in front of a camera for formal portraits, but this post isn't about that. this post is about honoring real moments. real life. real life caught in a photo. are these images award winning and my best work? nope. are they real moments of real people? yep.

here are some moment's of other people's lives, brought to you by the candid image. enjoy. xoxo