i wasn't always obsessed with color. and i still feel like i am learning.

i hated color correcting in photo school because i didn't "see it." it took a while to train eyeballs to comprehend what color correcting actually means in the photo world.



here is the color wheel. study it. read it like a bedtime story. make combinations with color pallets. play games. remember 1st grade art school? primary colors & secondary colors? yep. start there and get more complex. hues, tones, saturations, complimentary colors and how they balance (or cancel out) other colors.


color correcting is a part of color photography. we printed all our own images (color is done in a complete DARKROOM. no light. no little red light. complete darkness.) the exposed paper is fed through the machine and when it spits out you bring it over to the 'light box' on the wall and look at the color. to color balance you would hold a colored gel over your eye and take it away fast in a swatting motion to see which color needed to be corrected and by how many points. (not by a simple slider in photoshop or lightroom). also, pending on the type of photography you photograph, fine art balances for whatever white object is in the frame and portraiture is allll about skin tone!

color correcting gels for film photography. http://raykophotocenter.com/

color correcting gels for film photography. http://raykophotocenter.com/

it wasn't until i lived in sweden in 2012 when i was declared i wanted to get better at seeing color and correcting. i sucked at it - i hated it and it frusturated me so i decided to tackle it HEAD ON. really forcing myself to play with temperature (warm vs cool) and tint (green vs magenta).

when i moved to los angeles and worked for justine ungaro i told her i was obsessed with color correcting to which she shipped me off to her editor to get the full breakdown of the world of lightroom and of course, color correcting. i don't want to do the math to know exactly how many images i color corrected that summer but i averaged 100 images per hour. (it takes around 8-10 hours per wedding and yes, i worked full time). i would daydream, become sucked into it (like a video game, where you are there but your mind drifts into it) and her darling dogs would bark and nearly give me heart attacks. :)

i find it challenging yet therapeutic. 

my color wheel watch i am obsessed with looking at every minute. 

my color wheel watch i am obsessed with looking at every minute. 

now a days, i am pushing my color knowledge in the make-up world which is even more challenging because you are looking at live skin tones - which is not 1 color - there are undertones, uneven colors, etc. there are beyond so many colors that look different on all different people with different color combinations. i work as an on-call artist at MAC and though i don't go through the formal make-up training, i learn so much by playing, non-stop questions and of course, buying my own make-up addiction. 

which is the most perfect time to quickly get into this that is blowing my mind. (first, i work at MAC. i love MAC and am not being paid to gush about this product, i am genuinely obsessed.)

so yesterday at MAC i discovered what a TETRACHROMAT is. it's someone who can see 100 million colors. someone born with a 4th receptor in the pupil (usually it's 3). these people can see color in whites, blacks and all the colors in between. i am slightly jealous and would just LOVE to see what they see for a day. (it seems intense.)

maureen seagate is the artist that collaborated with MAC for this unique collection but i found this interview with an artist who is a tetrachromat. SO interesting:


their new lipstick line, Liptensity, which COMES OUT TODAY  are shades of lipstick you have never seen before & not only do they feel AMAZING & MOISTURIZING & NON-LIPSTICKY.....



you literally don't need to try it on to see if it will look good on you - IT WILL! you just need to have the hard choice of WHICH ONE (or 4 in my case) is best for you.

i couldn't help myself with swatches and trying them on! DRIFTWOOD IS MY DREAM COLOR THIS FALL/WINTER!

i couldn't help myself with swatches and trying them on! DRIFTWOOD IS MY DREAM COLOR THIS FALL/WINTER!

so excited to share my passion of color and color correcting, but now, back to the editing and of course, color correcting. XOXO

still want more? try the x-rite hue test! how do you score?! (im a perfect..naturally.)