rachel and conor wanted to celebrate their 1 year wedding anniversary with a portrait session -she had her wedding dress hemmed to cocktail length to roll around in tall grass, skip stones & dance on the beautiful shores of shelburne farms!

they are both in love with literature, and i can only think about romance poems and elegant picnics when daydreaming of this session. rachel recommended the breeding barn & low and behold how magical is that light? i mean c'mon! dazzling just for them!

photographing these two was the sweetest piece of cake: they were in their own giggly, love world and rachel would whisper "hi" to conor every time i told them to get close, which only provoked the giggly and snuggling more (which secretly melted my heart!)

i knew the session was coming to an end when the sun was sinking behind the mountains, but also that their attention was focused on collecting rocks for a rock skipping session - which i had to capture!

i hope these images bring you happiness, joy & beautiful memories. i can not WAIT to print some of these for your walls in texas! XOXO