the first wedding i shot with patrick as the dj, he stood out like a sore thumb - he was so laid back, went with the flow, read the crowd perfectly & reminded me of a snowboarder who just came down off the mountain and jumped into ali & randall's wedding. (i do mean this in a positive way!)

by that i mean we vermonters are our own breed and tend to be a little chill and easy going and patrick is what i like to think off as a "true vermont dj."

he is from vermont - tiny rochester in fact and currently resides in the woods of moretown. he travels all over vermont and the new england area dj'ing weddings and has been doing so for about a decade. he's been in the production world for nearly 20!

i got to photograph his headshots and catch up with him and his background. i found it pretty rad & fun and wanted to share it!

the main question of "how did you start in dj'ing?" came with THE.BEST.STORY.EVER:

"i dj'ed for my 7th grade dance - and it was all on cassette tapes. we met after school for a week straight to make mix tapes, recording off the radio and records to make the perfect mix. i knew i loved it and had a knack for it."

how inspiring to have a passion at such a young age! i'm pretty sure we all remember our middle school dances and can think of the dj's there!

but what is it like getting inside the head of a wedding dj? what are they thinking of while your crowd goes wild? how do they manage all the technical aspects, sound levels, playlists, reading the crowd?

"i love making dreams a reality. there can be a lot of bad things that happen at a wedding - behind the timeline, the food was bad, i gotten a flat tire on my way, but about 1-3 times throughout the night, i get chills. it's a sense of that i need to be here - i am here at the right place at the right time."

so what's up with the letters 'APQ', anyway? 

Patrick Quimby is his name and it's been a nickname since the 3rd grade when a teacher called him PQ. The letter A because it's at the beginning of the alphabet- A PQ original!

i promise you, nothing ever good has ever come the couple that says "dj? oh, we are just going to hook up an ipod." the sound levels from song to song are always off, cranking up the volume for one song, forgetting to turn it down for the next; the flow is always a little off and while the person in charge of the music will be drinking, the starting and stopping of songs will kick in before the night is over.

a good dj is seamless.

no one even knows they are there. they are the pilot of the night, taking care of happy, angry, sad and party crowds! i promise you patrick has a song for EVERYONE! 

check him out! he's great a snapping shots throughout the night and posting on his blog!