i have been more focused on taking weekends off to enjoy & have adventures.

david and i ventured down to boston for a quick weekend getaway complete with bubble tea, my favoritest burritos EVER (Filipe's in Harvards Sq. to which i must congratulate their huge growth since i lived there nearly 10 years ago!), old roommates, rutland friends & a WICKED good time!

then i ran away to san francisco with all the bff's to celebrate a 30th birthday to a dear childhood friend & the adventures were WILD!

meeting his college friends that i have heard so much about, dancing the night away at night clubs (with italian block heads), staying at swanky hotels that look like doll houses, piñatas, diners, and of course renting a car and driving over the golden gate bridge and finding THE REAL Full House house! (if you know me, you know i am the ULTIMATE Full House fan and I can not be fooled into thinking the actual Tanner house was a Painted Ladies house because all their front doors are on the LEFT and the Full House house's doors are on the RIGHT!)

i broke down, screamed and cried once finding 1709 Broderick St (no, but really. video to come soon.)

thank you friends! all shot on velvia 100 35mm. XOXO

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