our first elopement! just the couple & us. it was beyond thrilling! i am obsessed & am working on elopement packages because i feel like this may be a rising trend?

kristina and alain met on a roof top party in montreal. they love traveling to vermont and knew right away the beautiful & chic hotel vermont would be the perfect place for their getaway.

hotel vermont has the most amazing elopement packages - they take care of the ceremony,  the cake, the champaign & are so welcoming and warm while doing it all!

do you remember valentine's day this past year? remember how the temperature dropped to below 10 degrees? kristina and alain were just rockstars and completely set the bar for any couple having to suffer through outdoor winter portraits. like, i want future wedding couple's to know how light and breezy her dress was, without mittens, hat and marched right to the water front of lake champlain ...all with a smile on her face! 

when i look at these images i don't think about how cold it was - i can only see so much excitement, love & tender moments, like them getting each other ready (my photographing dream come true!!!!)  every elopement at hotel vermont now, i can only smile & think of you kristina and alain - valentine's day on lake champlain! XOXO