heartbroken i can not photograph lauren & neil's wedding (being booked already!) but we decided to have fun with an engagement session in january anyways & WHAT A BLAST!

i didn't know what a "dad joke" was until i met neil and now he's the first person that comes to mind when i hear of one - he's like a walking joke book for dad jokes and sincerely if i was 8 i may choke from laughing at all the corniness!

lauren and i went to elementary school together, in fact, here we are in 1st grade in her parent's bathtub, which was the highlight of going over to her house to play! along with her younger sister renee who was always smiling and friend ashley young! (hi ashley!)

after our session, i was exhausted from smiling and laughing (and being ENVIOUS over lauren's eyelashes) but i felt so content meeting neil. watching them chatter and giggle with each other, i knew that this is TOTALLY the guy for her. i would not want anyone else for lauren and i think he is the perfect son-in-law for the cyr's! i can creepily daydream of their family holidays and events with all the laughs and good times! 

i am on the edge of my seat for their october 1st wedding, to see lauren in her dreamy wedding dress and making it official in killington! sending you love & (bernie) hugs from vermont in the rest of your wedding planning!


hair: Indigo Salon

makeup: MAC Cosmetics, Jackie Perron