i don't want to date myself, but i guess i will have to. lately i've been buying music cd's (to which my husband chuckles at and friends gasp). i guess it's the nostalgia of saving up money to go to the music store to buy albums - the booklet, the artwork, the lyrics, the photos, the credits. it was like a visual story set to music. i still feel the same. i want something to hold and touch. which brings me to day dream about being 15 again and how i started with photography.

before pinterest and the internet, i was captivated by fashion and teen magazines. the advertisements, the fashion editorials and the 'off beat' moments of models pretending not to pose for the camera. this to me was the birth of my photography addiction.

one of my favorite images was by fashion photographer pamela hanson.

i saw her piece titled BIS at the holyoke mall in massachusetts on a back-to-school shopping trip in high school. i was star struck. it was framed and on an easel in the front window of the poster and frame shop. i couldn't take my eyes off it. i needed it, i wanted it, i craved it. i could stare at their poses and facial expressions forever. 

a dear friend of mine bought it for me later that year as a christmas gift and i hung it over my dresser in my teenage bedroom. 

to this day it remains of my most adored images.

Bis. Pamela Hanson

Bis. Pamela Hanson

dear pamela, if you are reading, i am obsessed with your work and have been for years.

XOXO, colette