ashley was the funniest girl in high school. i will come out and say that i have stolen a few of her lines ("little baby") and she was truly someone i loved being around with her welcoming and electric personality. mark is the ying to her yang, her rock, her grounded partner in crime.

i was so honored to photograph her simple ceremony on the proctor bridge with their closest family & friends. ashley picked the most gorgeous corner with the sun just setting and glowy on a late september day.

the best surprise was when mark arrived on a fire truck from behind ashley and her father walking down the bridge. ashley was taken back and certainly surprised to see her groom jumping out of a fire truck to meet her down the 'isle'!

we had a nightfall portrait session around proctor and joined the party to eat amazing food, hear fun speeches and enjoy the ambiance of Sweet Caroline's. 

my warmest, biggest congrats to such a beautiful couple, on a beautiful day with beautiful photos to remember the day with! LOVE YOU LITTLE BABIES!