dee & neil reached out to me and told me the story of how the basin harbor club has played an important role in dee's family. i had never been before but she asked if i had ever seen the 80s movie Dirty Dancing and compared it to the camp in the movie. 

when i arrived, i knew exactly what she was talking about - & what a fabulous place for a wedding!

it was the last day of the freakishly warm summer weather that stretched into september. dee dressed herself in sparkles and gems and watched her mother & friends all grow teary eyed at their beautiful bride.

neil had big surprises for his guy friends - hand made tokens of him and bars in germany they all bonded over which all made for a hilarious gift opening sequence!

the speeches were gorgeous and heartfelt. for not knowing dee or neil's family very well it was very clear they are a close, loving family and all play a big role in each other's lives.

i could FEEL it just from walking in the room that their crowd would waste NO TIME in getting to the dance floor. i can not listen to the backstreet boys "i want it that way" and not think about their crowd singing the night away...

biggest, warmest thank you's to dee, neil, their family & friends for having me be there to capture such an enchanting day! XOXO