12. (top 3) SONG OBSESSIONS:


11. swede invasion!

we love it when people come to visit us! like swedish family & friends! what a fun year which included david's sisters and niece, my beloved stockholm family from au pair days & emil, a dear friend of david from their iceland days! tack för att du titta förbi!

my swedish family & i on the top of camel's hump!

my swedish family & i on the top of camel's hump!

10. i found the color of the golden gate bridge:

"international orange" & my god that color and structure gives me chills every time i look at it.


9. i found lake willioughby in vermont.

i found it first on social media and thought it was in norway somewhere. i almost didn't believe it was vermont, so david and i set out to find it! & that we did. 



it's a little bit silly to idolize artists and celebrities, but we when we make them a part of our lives and when we can connect and feel like we know them through their work, that when they die, a part of us dies a little too. 

im sure the death of david bowie came as a shock to you since it did to everyone. my litte sister sent me an email titled "the goblin king is dead." it wasn't until a few days later, i met up with an old friend for tea & she told me about BLACK STAR and how it was in a way his swan song. i went home that night and was glued to the internet watching the music videos, reading articles and just blown away that literally up until the day he died he was a true artist - he was on his death bed, preparing for death and he TOOK US THERE WITH HIM. i feel the duty of art is to make one FEEL. he is just like beyond anything on this earth. so posthuman. i literally have no words for him, his career and the final chapter of his life and now afterlife. 


i watched these music videos and felt feelings i had never felt before. i felt like, i too was dying - the fear, the unknown, uneasy thoughts and questions, the strange, religion, dark, ..for 3 solid days i was in a BLACK STAR loop & was addicted (and also not ok mentally and needed to talk about it when anyone i could and borderline wanted therapy sessions over it. a friend of mine inspire me to look into DINNER & DEATH - how to have conversations about death with your loved ones. i ran out and bought the album, and i literally can not listen to BLACK STAR without all these feelings coming back. it's really heavy and difficult to listen and watch. borderline terrifying. i will post the music video but please use caution when watching. there is nothing graphic or inappropriate but it is very disturbing.


we know you are up there on your BLACK STAR, mr. bowie. 

thank you, for you. xoxo

7. i joined SxB & it's changed my life.

what if there was a workout that was all of my favorite work outs in 1: yoga, ballet, weight lighting, interval training.. yep. i found it!

Strength X Balance is the most amazing, invigorating, unique work out i have ever done! suzy and her team of amazing females create their own work outs every week, every class to offer a different routine every.single.time. challenging, yes. rewarding. yes. addictive. yes. i am always on cloud 9 when i started my days off right or end them, or even a mid-day class! it's so fun to watch your balance & strength increase every week, every month. i have watched myself improve in ways i never thought, and it is totally one of my highlights of the year! 

i use to be WRECKED the days after photographing a wedding (there's a reality for you all) like "laying low" and embracing my aching body, but since i started working out with SxB i literally feel like The Terminator on days after a wedding! I can work out, i can hike, i feel unaffected and it's the most amazing feeling! don't be shy, try a class for yourself! i have a friend pass since im a member for anyone interested! 







6. i learned how to SWING DANCE!

it was a dream come true! I finally learned the basics of east coast swing/jitter bug and dragged my husband along for the ride! we switched leader and follower roles since i guess we didn't know they were male/female specific, so i spent all class dancing with the fly ladies! vermont swings was such a blast and we loved coming to class! we need to practice a bit more & i would LOVE to keep it up and get better to do all those fancy, cool-kat tricks! it blew my mind how it's all done by feeling, trusting and truly dancing - feeling the music. for the first time in my life i feel like i need to "think" about dancing since growing up as a ballerina and jazz girl.

5. i went to san francisco to celebrate my best friend's 30th birthday!

i jumped a plane to the west coast to toast my bff a happy 30th - i really don't know how the universe didn't blow up with coolness with all of the guests there! andy has been my best friend since 2nd grade, the boy acorss the street. no one makes me laugh harder, smile more, and feel so alive. i know he has gone on to greater things in life through college, jobs, committments and goals. but it was ELECTRIFYING to meet all these people - his friends he has made since we "went our separate ways." we had a little fluke in the plans of staying at an Airbnb in Golden Gate Park, so we relocated the part to The Clift Hotel in downtown San Fran - which had the craziest lilac purple walls, doll house furniture, the coolest Uber drivers and dancing all night, full house adventures...

4. i found the real 'full house' house. (& i had a melt down / panic attack. & it was caught on video.)

so!  two of my best friends and i rented a car to drive across the golden gate bridge & of course find the REAL Full House house. i was driving & it was the most intense, emotional, moment of my life. here is a video gabby filmed of me from the backseat:

i have been to san fran and have seen the painted ladies in the park where the full house cast has their picnic scene in the opening credits (and michelle pulls the ham out of the picnic basket). i took photos, i went nuts. until i realized all the door handles on the houses were on the WRONG SIDE! (fraud). just as i was making my observation, two girls who were listening came over to confirm this was NOT the real Full House house. in the car we went to find 1709 Broderick St. (it didn't help i found a bernie car in traffic and was split on who to follow..)

but down the street we went. then came the Full House house. then came the melt down. i seriously had no idea i  would have the reaction i did. but something came over me. i just was lost and surrendered all my Full House love on 1709 broderick st. 

[please be advised: strong language in these videos]

3. mac came out with a lipstick collection made by a tetrachromat & i lost my mind.

see my blog entry: 

how i became  obsessed with color.

2. i joined a presidential campaign. and it was eyeopening AF.

never thought *I* could or would be one of those door knockers with pamphlets people. (i mean, really?) or cold call people just to talk politics. i had never even voted in my entire life until this year.

campaigning was a never forced LISTEN TO WHAT WE ARE SAYING but "what are your issues and concerns." door knocking was wanting to hear about YOUR thoughts, ideas and engaging in an open dialogue on issues, which i am understanding is now more important than ever. i made a bernie friend, a local high school history teacher and we went door knocking - saturdays in new hampshire and new york. from january to their primaries.

1. doing bernie & jane sanders make-up.

how i didn't 1. faint. 2. vomit or 3. have a complete melt down is still something i can not understand to this day. WHAT A RUSH! it was Easter morning and i was asked to do it for months before from my connections at MAC but was terrified. then i just did it. it was epic. it changed my life even more. i wrote a fan letter and gave it to jane when i met her.

what a year it.has.been. so much terrible. so much good. as an optimist, i like to stay focused with my head held high and know i am more prepared for 2017!

thigns to look forward to in 2017:

  • all of my amazing, beautiful couples who's weddings i will photograph (beyond overjoyed for you all! there are some solid couples getting hitched!)

  • our trip to sweden! david's first time back in the homeland since he moved here & we can celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary in malmö!


i will leave you with my favorite bowie song. warm wishes, love & hugs. XOXO