how totes adorbs are these two?! i can hear hannah laughing through the screen while i edit this & peter chuckling along with her! 

we are so excited for next august when they will tie the knot and make it official but let's rewind a bit, shall we? hannah & peter decided to have their engagement session at a location that was not only gorgeous but with personal meaning - the place peter proposed to hannah (everyone: AWWNN!)

what a gorgeous soft warm late august evening with tall grass, gentle waves and beautiful vermont nature. they brought along their dog Harvey, who is just packed with curious energy and contributed to making this a first family portrait session! 

the images i love the most are obvi when they are laughing their cute, perfect laughs, but hannah's hair has a personality of it's own - i had to keep it tousled and natural for some of these shots. so organic and beautiful in true hannah fashion. peter for sure picked a winner with this girl.

countdown is on for august! we can not wait! XOXO