it's not too often i get a mother & daughter session and i wish i did them more. the connection between a child and mother is one of the most beautiful to photograph. (this is all the reason why i photograph people, folks!) 

annie and mother jo are two peas in a pod. aside from annie's obvious elegance, grace & beauty (yep she's a dancer, can you tell?) she speaks in her soft and sweet voice and can always get the hardiest laughs from her mother jo! (i'm a sucker for a good laugher!)

spending the afternoon with them was a real delight - i felt like i had known them for years, they shared their stories and inside jokes (i still want to be made into a meatball!) they are warm, welcoming and jo being a yoga instructor for decades has this calming nature to her.

is it strange to say i was exhausted from laughing but felt so beautifully content when i was finished photographing these two? i am so excited for these images of these two beautiful ladies & also for their moments of laughter and joy captured.


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