what makes a fine art print, a fine art print? 

excellent question! want your photos to last for as long as possible? like decades? like generations? it all starts with the quality of ingredients, much like other things in life (designer handbags, luxury cars and also photographs.)

using acid free materials from start to finish in this process helps insure your images are protected and longest life since acid eats away at things (insert horror movie scream here.)

we start with selecting a high quality photo paper - a German Hahnemuhle Fine Art Photo paper. 

this paper makes all my dreams come true: it's a matte finish, it feels beautiful in your hands, soft yet thick, the detail and quality of every image is like stepping into the frame. it always puts butterflies in my tummy when i see the images printed out! (doesn't get dorkier than this guys!) 

we use local printing services from our photo (& animal hero):

Kelly of Mountain Dog Photography & you can see her amazing photos here


once Kelly has printed the images we start with artist signature, then assemble each one by piecing together mats and mounting boards with acid-free materials. they are wrapped up in a protective plastic sleeve and gift wrapped with a bow & tag.

we suggest thinking about where your prints will live as well. if it's in a spot on the wall that gets direct sunlight, think about a UV protective glass of the frame. if you are going to store it in a musty basement, then let's talk!

fine art prints lasts 80-100 without color fade or loss, or page curling. they can last 200+ years or more if stored properly. not like the 5-10 year life spand lower quality prints can have.

here is a sped up afternoon (i couldn't fit them all in) of the hand mounting, matting and wrapping of our beloved fine art prints.