uuughhhhhhhhhhh. where do i start with these two?

i've known ben since the 3rd grade. we studied video-media in high school and worked on a documentary of the local art gallery. we have always been "music buddies" always keeping each other up to date with our music obsessions, movies, artists and having an appreciation for fine art. 

sidney came into the picture over the years and i knew the moment i met her (downtown at the local bar over a holiday get together) that she was always one of us. she fit right in with hanging out and seemed like ben's missing link. it's a little strange to think about one without the other.

she is sweet, always smiling her infectious smile, smart, creative, fashionable and can make a mean wing with liquid eyeliner! they are both in their graphic design worlds in massachusetts and i could not be more thrilled to watch them & photograph them making it official next spring at their wedding in MA! 

this early fall color pallet and of course sidney's stunning dress make for the dazzling scene, but also their beautiful faces don't hurt to look at either. ;)

SOOOOOOOOOO much love while photographing, editing and posting these! XOXO

p.s. forever and always obsessed with diptychs, which i blame on my video days, pre-photography. ben will appreciate that. oh & storyboarding my photo work. ha!