i have been waiting for oct 17th for months. 
this was the day zach would propose to his sweetheart isabell.
they met in middle school in ohio and now live long distance. zach at school at norwhich university in vermont and isabell studying nursing in north carolina. 
i met zach and his family a few months ago at the top of killington to hear how isabell loves the view from the top and to find 'the spot.'

"what is your favorite part about isabell?" i asked zach.
without a beat and his lit up face, he replied,
"she is so friendly, sweet and bubbly! she's personable and cares about everyone and everything."
i was excited to meet her on her special day - she wouldn't know me, or what was happening and i would get to photograph her at the most magical and beautiful moment in her life.

they looked like they stepped out of a fashion magazine and it was so clear to see isabell's warm and welcoming demeanor with everyone she is with. she has a smile that makes you smile!
she is the girl you fall in love with, and the way her and zach giggle and smile at each other will melt your heart. 

due to the quick paced clouds and snow, we decided to set up a cozy romantic scene in the Peak Lodge of Killington. there i had help from an amazing team prepping furnaiture, welcoming my sneaky camera angles and cooperative vistors as i quickly kicked them out of my fireplace living room and told them they were about to witness history!

and boy, history they made! the entire lodge was clapping, cheering, taking photos and offering words, advice and congratulations. 

once the bubbly(sparkling apple cider in true Vermont fashion) was drank we got to explore the snow mountain tops of Killington for a portrait session to show off the newly engaged couple & THAT RING!

thank you to zach's family for finding me from ohio, letting me document such a beautiful milestone &
my biggest, warmest love and hugs to zach and isabell!