i love being crafty (i say being because i mostly daydream rather than actually do), but i like making homemade christmas gifts, maintaining my website and blog, making home decor like candles or art for the walls, etc. i do enjoy planning parties, get togethers, events. and i even planned my own wedding, however it was less than 20 people so i really can not brag on that for that one . . .

we drool over Pinterest. we all secretly have boards. we all find ideas, have our own and when it comes to wedding planning the inspiration and options can be overwhelming. 

if you are planning your own wedding, kudos to you! it's an exciting 'job' (and yes, it's about a part time job with the hours you will spend per week researching vendors, getting ideas, finding decor, deciding on your colors, theme, dress, shoes...the list goes on and on) but may not be for everyone.

here are a few tips from me, your wedding photographer to keep in mind before embarking on the journey alone:

#1. a wedding planner is really something i would highly recommend no matter how much fun you think the planning and wedding day will be.

you are in complete and total control of the decor and details. you do not give up or loose your ideas or style by hiring a planning. 
also don't think that you're wedding is too small or laid back for a wedding planner. 

you are still in charge of EVERYTHING. but.. 
the napkins are in, where would you like them?
the cake arrived, where is it going?

since you are the go-to gal, us vendors only have you to turn to when these things come up.
when you think of your wedding day and getting ready with your girlfriends, having your make up done... do you ever thing about having to answer all these questions?

it happens. i've been there and have listened to it all and at that point the bride is burnt out from answering questions and just says,
"i don't care." 

well, this is the final moment when you should care, since this is IT.
having someone with a creative and organized mind will ensure your day flows smoothly, looking unbelievable all while you can indulge and enjoy the things a bride should. it goes by too fast not to! 

#2. if you are a laid back bride, and trust me, we all loves those, but going with the flow, or 'just seeing what happens' at the reception may come with some warning. 

Often, vendors like photographers are placed in rooms outside of the reception hall. while we are eating, (which, we have eaten less than you at this point in the day) are left stressed in knowing and ping-ponging around as to what is happening. speeches? dances? something big i missed? was i on the other side of the cocktail room when you started your first dance because? of course it is my job to capture these highlights, but if you are setting up a friend with an ipod and just doing things when you feel - i may be in the bathroom or still eating if i am not properly informed. yikes. 
i am obsessed with timelines and knowing all of these details ahead of time, because i am the gal who will be with you ALL DAY and it is my job to capture all of the special moments. having a plan makes everyone's night easier.

#3. cocktail hour is not for you! (sorry, cupcake) 

the history of cocktail hour is designed to entertain your guests while you run off with the photographer. more and more couples are requesting to join in cocktail hour. 
hold the phone! you are paying me how much and you want to cut the portraits short to get to your party earlier? hrm. 
cutting down on our time is only up to you, but we need a blocked out time to meet all your portrait wishes dreams and desires. cutting it short even 15 minutes takes a big chunk out of our time together. 
i always try to meet the needs of my clients, because everyone and every wedding is individual.  and the day of can always bring unexpected turns. unless we have worked out sufficient time prior to your wedding day, sometimes it's just not for you and then our time suffers. 
besides, i am not shy about using up all the time i am granted for photos. because this is what i do, and i LOVE MY JOB.

planners we have worked with and love:

located in beautiful Martha's Vineyard, Kelsey will find any excuse to plan your Vermont wedding.
and she will do it with style, grace and with a big sister demeanor. her attention to detail, overly prepared work flow will ensure that your day of love will be both stunning and flawless. 

Ashley came to us in Vermont directly from New York City, where she worked in weddings. she is ready to tackle any event, and will leave your guests jaw dropped at the door with her top of the line decor sense. hilarious and fun, this woman gets things done and is a true gem in setting up dazzling rooms at the VT Vows bridal shows!