oh, you're in search of a make-up artist?
you're going to do it yourself? 
you think the costs is too much and not needed?

well, i have news for you. 
 ANYONE and EVERYONE benefits from a make-up artist. Yes, even if you are going for a "no make-up look" (I'm looking at you, Vermont Girls...) you need make-up if you are going to be on camera.

why? not only does Sarah make you look like a million bucks, but i have watched the transformation before and after, and not only is it rewarding to watch women's glowing reactions who can't stop looking at themselves in the mirror, but it instills a confidence like no other. (it also makes my job retouching and editing a breeze too, so we all benefit! yay!)

She is a Vermont girl, Essex to be exact. She ran away to Colorado where she worked on her Bachelors in Studio Art - Painting and Sculpting. (Pretty sure this is the holy grail of being a make-up artist.)

She moved to D.C. and worked with TV make-up like Bravo's Real Housewives of Washington, D.C. and ABC's Chew.

As a Vermonter, she admits to not really starting to wear make-up until she was out of college. 

"I don't love make-up itself so much, I love what I can do with it."

she loves to experiment and go the editorial route but does plenty of bridal and wedding make-up. Her style and favorite type of make-up is 'bohemium/hippie with a little structure.'

So, what brings her back to Vermont?
Her high school sweetheart, of course! (everyone: awwwwnn!)

We are ALL excited to have Sarah in our tiny little Vermont making woman (and men) of all ages, races, sizes look gleaming and gorgeous wether it's down the isle, out to a party or a CKPhoto photo shoot.

 our favorite parts about sarah:
her hilarious laugh, her crazy stories & her love for bernie. duh.
hit her up: syhmakeup@gmail.com

Check out how she's made us shine a little brighter: