whenever katrina would send me an email update with new weddings ideas, i was totally daydreaming of this day! actually being there and seeing their visions and love come together in person was beyond anything i had day dreamed!

on my drive to the rehearsal, i was listening to NPR in my car and heard the news announced of Same-Sex Marriage as a right for our entire nation. my heart fluttered. i thought i was dreaming. where did this come from? i felt on cloud 9 going to meet Katrina and Sandy to watch them prepare for their wedding day. is it weird i felt proud? 

they looked stunning in their wedding dresses and had the most darling first look in the woods of the Vermont Inn in Mendon, VT. 
the spiral chairs for their ceremony was a brilliant set up and gave an intimate and front row isle seat for everyone.
doreen, katrina's mother moved a set of white french doors that added d.i.y backyard wedding to a whole new level!

colorful kites, 90s rap music, southern food in honor of Sandy's family, lawn games and laughs filled the backyard for a fun & beautiful wedding day.