since relocating from los angeles to vermont, i have been interested to watch the clientele change.
i was SOOO excited when erin first emailed me inquiring about engagement photos and doing them on chase's diary farm. (!!!)
i was to the moon! it was like as if a rockstar asked me to photograph them.
and i photographed high profiled people out in los angeles, but i get more of a thrill photographing normal, every day people. real life, real homes, real love. 
ok, not only am i excited to see a live diary farm in action, but watching erin and chase work together in showing me around their farm and property was such a fun session! erin had so many awesome ideas and it was like a bonus tour of how a diary farm all works behind the scenes. 

their wedding next year will feature their authentic decor of milk cans and glasses and i have fallen in love - i mean, how much more Vermont can you get? it's people like this that assure me that moving back to my Vermont home was the best move i have made yet.

erin & chase: you were both ROCKSTARS! our session was COLD, long and on empty stomaches, but some of these images are my favorite with your darling location and your adorable chemistry together! XOXO