let me tell you about a client meeting i had last week.
a UVM student was interested in hiring CKPhoto for an upcoming school event.
after all was said and done, i asked if she had any questions about my work, contract, products, etc.
she looked at the table in the coffee shop, and said, 
"no, i don't have any questions on that, but i have more questions about PHOTOGRAPHY."

she informed me she took a photo course at UVM and wanted to show me her work.
totally impressed with her own website design and layout, she scrolled down to a section "fashion photography."

i had such a disconnect and could not believe these images belonged to her. they looked like they came straight out of a fashion magazine.

i wanted to know more about these images, and she nonchalantly told me she asked her sister to model in a dress in their school's photo studio.

totally blown away and excited at her work, i had to feature my favorite images this week because it not only reminds me of my own fashion-photographer-spirit, but they are totally inspiring to me and a reminder of what photography means to me: 

something unique, personal and beautiful.