let me tell you all about Ali + Randall.
first, by far my most favorite email inquiry, ever. 
 i am happy to answer any and all questions and comments,
but sometimes it gets a little, well, boring when i open an email, 
"hi! we are getting married (fill in date), are you available and what are your prices?"

Ali had me captivated from her first line, "Hi, I'm Ali!" and proceeded to inform about her fiance, Randall (which I don't even know until much later), their darling dog Hazel, what they like to do for fun and about their backyard wedding for June. 

it gave me the biggest smile and i was smittin' with meeting them both and obvi photographing their colorful, relaxed and warm wedding!

he is talkative. she is quiet.
they make each other laugh, but Ali just lights up the room when she is laughing at Randall!
they both have insanely playful spirits and you 
feel like a child again, watching them laugh, play and giggle! 
they wanted to show off their love of sports, with their matching jersey's, include Hazel and find some beautiful spots in their home of Waitsfield, Vermont.

i can not wait for their backyard wedding with some lovely mountain views at their parent's backyard, their special converse wedding shoes and maybe a Hazel wedding appearance??

thanks for rocking your session, you two - had SUCH a blast and thanks for sticking out the cold (ughh...thanks Vermont!) XOXO