Why hello there! I have a "to blog" list piling up!
It's been crazy busy here at CKPhoto - 
First wedding of the season almost 2 weeks ago,
darling engagement sessions at dairy farms,
editing, album layouts, and of course -
Working on submitting some prints for the
Vermont Professional Photographers Annual Print Competition!

I have never submitted work for a competition since photo school portfolio review,
and I could just go on and on and on how amazing it was printing my own work,
under the guidance and print master of KELLY SCHULZE!
It makes me want to kick my beloved photo labs and do everything in house!
(It will happen one day here at CKPhoto, but after upgrading to a new camera and
shopping for new lights, it might have to be a long term goal. . Starting a new piggybank!)

I decided to submit some images that have been dear to me from last year. 
There was a handful of my favorites but it is so hard looking at your own work with lots of emotional attachment. 

These two images have been magical both photographing and editing;
It has been one of those butterflies-in-tummy when developing and processing and I knew
something 'great' (aka better than storing on a hard drive or my website) had to come of them.

 So in they went and out they came with blue and red ribbons!
I was running late the morning of the judging but was lucky enough to catch it streaming live from my yoga mat and my jaw hit the floor when I received an 80 for the Vermont Brides and a red ribbon for my beloved Lexi & Drew as "The Modern Couple."

I also received a notable award - on a plaque - coming in the mail! So exciting to share and show off!