i hope you read last week's blog entry about 10 facts you might not have known about me. maybe some of those things are great as black mail amo? (but please don't!)
here's another one for you: i'm slightly into hip-hop. not gonna lie when i proudly announce my all time favorite band is The Beastie Boys. 
i stumbled into this trio in Burlington. they call themselves Self Portrait (which is really confusing when editing my own self portraits and the file names are all SELFPORTRAIT (har, har corny photo humor))! 
we can not wait to collaborate soon and bring you something hot, fresh and amazing! 
here are some of the local hip-hop shows that i've been checking out with camera. XOXO

here's a link to their first track off their LP, Always Fresh, Never Clean

 well, we gotta do something when the winter weather sets in. :)