Yesterday was our wedding anniversary! Big, bad #2, however, last year at this time we were still separated waiting for visa and paperwork to wrap up. I was in LA and David in Sweden. We Skyped and dressed up, had a cupcake and champagne toasts and remembered the highlights of our special wedding celebration.
Now that we are finally together we can really celebrate! I just had to track down my beloved wedding flowers (and photograph them!) Erin at Nectar and Root knew just the color: QUICKSAND. They are just this beautiful mix of off whites with pink and cream undertones. I want to eat them, they are so delicious to look at!
And of course, it wouldn't really be a proper anniversary throw back without the intoxicating smell of fondonte in my life. Ashleigh from Bright Eyes Bakery created a 'remixed' version of our amazing wedding cake: inside are our classic flavors, white chocolate ganache, white cake and raspberries wrapped in fondant and stunning decor has REAL 24-carrot gold geometric shapes. 
For those that read my 1o Things About Me (scroll down a few entires) I will have you all know that this has had me BANANAS since she walked in with it this morning! It's so beautiful, I am dying to enjoy a slice with champagne tonight!

Thank you, thank you Erin and Ashleigh for your talents and helping me create an awesome wedding anniversary for David and I to enjoy together! XOXO