10. Cake. Just cake. I love cake. Cupcakes too. Since becoming a wedding photographer, my mouth literally starts to salivate when I am editing your wedding photos and your cake pops ups. I smell sugar. My stomach twists for a bite. I become an animal and want to eat a piece of cake RIGHT NOW! I've changed all my wedding contacts to include a piece of cake. You better believe it. The more 'non-edible looking' the better. Because then I get curious and really want to know what it takes like!

9. I am Colette but to my family and long term friends I am known as Coco. It was a happy accident how my nickname came out: Back in the day we were teaching little sister how to say big sister's names (Lynelle and Colette..a bit rough for a wee one) and after a confused look on baby Emily's face, she spat out 'COCO!' Since then, the name has stuck. It also is the real nickname in France for Colette, so she was a pretty cultured gal at a young age. :) And yep, you guessed it, Coco Chanel's name is GABRIELLE, not Colette. She'll have to keep dreaming. . .

8. 1997 is my life obsession. I was 11 and on top of the world. If I could go back to any year to relive it would be 11 years old. I thought I knew EVERYTHING. I was magically obsessed with music, kept diaries, was getting into make-up, and discovering art, self-expression and would live for summer vacations where the sunsets would reflect off the pool in the backyard and twinkle on my bedroom walls while I daydreamed. This music video and song highlighted 1997 for me. To this day I am in love with is. Everything about it.

7. Love to laugh? Who, me? I don't giggle or snicker. I full on yak out hearty gut-bellows. Because, if you're going to laugh, LAUGH! It's like a natural high when your brain shuts off, and you can't breath. Or if pee your pants. Or get your ab-workout in for the day. Children mock me in public all around the world (which I love), and don't ask my mother how many times I have been excused from the dinner table to get my $h*! together. (But we can blame that on big sister..she's just hilarious!)

6. I go through phases. Addictions. (Good, healthy addictions). My two best friends can name you my childhood obsessions in order starting with Tweedy Bird. Then came whales; I wanted to be a whale trainer at Sea World, my entire bedroom was Orca Whale themed. I still sleep with a stuffed whale, named Rockford. Next came Alanis Morrisette, who I wanted to be because she wrote her own music and was the original definition of fierce. Three words: Jagged Little Pill. Then came Hanson and how Zac Hanson would be my husband one day. That didn't happen. Sorry Zac.

5. First to the clear the air, I am not musical AT ALL. I have been addicted to music and music videos since I was in preschool. I knew all the latest songs, what musicians looked like, their narrative stories within their songs and the theoretical element directors brought to music videos. I did want to be a music video director at one point in my life (so specific, I know!) which is one of the reasons I went into photography. To mix #5 and #6, I find songs throughout life and they become little daily-additions. I will find a song that I love and listen to it over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over again. On repeat. For hours. For days. Like an addict. (You can ask my mother how many times the carpenter had to hear "Little Red Caboose" from my record player for 8 hours straight when he was wall papering the dinning room in 1988.)

These are my music obsessions at the moment:

(I am a junkie when it comes to remixes. AH!)

THIS BOY! holy smokes. this is what i'm taking about.
 makes me want to cry and smile and dance and love life:
(and I think it's pretty sweet when local artists can inspire each other)

4. I am married to a Swede. I was lured to Sweden when I was, yet again, obsessed with music. Roxette's "Joyride" was my FAVORITE song on the radio (I was 4 and still in a carseat), and I blame this as the start of my swedish curiosity. Jag var nyfiken! Everything in life I loved ended up being Swedish: The Metro newspaper, all the music I was listening to (Ace of Base, Robyn, Detektivbyrån, Amanda Jensson), H&M, Ikea, so I had to get there to see this culture and country up close and personal. I au paired for an amazing family, learned the language, taught my swedish kids some english, they taught me how to bake, I met my husband and dragged him to the States with me. Sweden holds a near and dear place in my heart. It was a chapter in my life I look back on with amazing memories. The people I met, and friendships I hold on to are the best ones I have. To all you youngsters out there: TRAVEL! GO! SEE! EXPERIENCE! Throw yourself in a new country, be alone! Best times of my life.
3. I have not owned cable TV for over 10 years. I refuse to pay for TV, nothing good is ever on or worth my dolla bills yo because the most important show (I have on DVD) is FULL HOUSE! duh! I am a bit nostalgic when it comes to TV; Brady Bunch, I Love Lucy, Saved By The Bell.. My husband disapproves of my "juvenile" library and has introduced me to more sophisticated classics like Seinfeld, Breaking Bad and Fargo! We do watch GIRLS however. Such a guilty pleasure. 

2. As a child, I use to rehearse my "Grammy Acceptance Speech" while walking home from my friend's houses in the neighborhood. Again, I am not musically gifted, nor do I even really like to sing. I just thought it would be good practice just in case I would become famous. Someday.

1. I. am. terrified. of. lobsters. Hate them. Hate all crustaceans. I use to be so terrified of the lobster tank in the grocery store, my mother would have to take me out of the shopping cart in the meat isle, I would run back to the front of the store, find the isle with the straight shot of the tank and ZIP past it in hopes none of the lobsters saw me, and stay put in the bread isle until my mother met me there with the cart. I use to have serious issues with people next to me or around me eating them in restaurants, and at-home lobster parties were spent under my bed. In my adult life, I think I am up to tapping on an empty shell with a fork. I have never and am happy to leave this earth not ever putting one in my mouth. Yuck. No thank you.

Well, now that I have exposed nearly my whole self for your entertainment, I do hope some of you can relate to some of my little quirks. Or am I alone on them and look like a fool??
Thanks for reading about me + comment below which ones you identify with!