what is more charming and classic than a silhouette?
an art form popular in the 18th century features a person, animal or object backlit with a light or non-existant background. 
by the mid 18th century, the profiles were on black cards and hand cut from a created shadow.

the profile portrait showcases the proportions and relationship of the bone structure of the face (the forehead, nose and chin) so that the image is clear and simple.

in 2015, CKPhoto still has not mastered the art of scissors (ugh!) so we decided to create our own silhouettes by photographing the actual person in these specific lighting conditions. 
so techincalllllly it's not your shadow, but! it is ALL YOU! which we find so cool!

we just love celebrating this personal, vintage art form with a modern day twist. and what better time than Valentine's Day to bring back the love?

personal photographing session, 
hand edited silhouette portraits
 prepared on archival black and white paper 
encased in a darling traditional 
white or black oval frame,
 designed specifically for Karl Johnson. 
(he is the silhouette master in Los Angeles. his website has videos
 of him creating silhouettes with scissors only, and if you want to be blown away you can watch him: HERE!)

$75 for framed, single silhouette
$125 for two framed silhouettes

by appointment only:

email us for your spot: colette@colettekulig.com

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