honestly, how often do you take out the old cd, usb or website where your beloved wedding images are stored that you paid not only a hefty price for, but celebrated your marriage, with your family and friends and had one heck of a party over?

 as a photographer, i will be brave and admit i do this even with my own images.
"hello, i am colette (all together: HI COLETTE!) i am a photographer and i am guilty of storing my most beloved images on digital media, forgetting about them, not allowing myself to enjoy them on a daily bases and cheating myself out of the joys and smiles they bring to me."

The Boutique was launched at CKPhoto in the fall of 2013.
In preparation of it's launch, I viewed, read, sampled, ordered and tested products from multiple professional printing labs, finding what I liked, didn't like, loved, hated and what I think my unique clients would fall in love with. 

your wedding is probably the most magical day you will experience in your life. 
(mine plays over like a black and white silent film (in fast forward because it happened SO FAST), while beaming from smiles, tears and surrounded by laughter and love (in both physical and mental state)).
what a tribute to that magical day with a gorgeous leather bound flushmount album, hand edited, hand designed and approved by you of your most cherished images from your wedding day.

go ahead and show it off to guests when they drop in;
relive precious moments. remember how glamorous you looked. and how you felt. 

reasons why we at CKPhoto adore our luxurious flushmount albums:
  • lasts 100 years in home display, 200 years in dark storage (talk about lasting literally for generations!)
  • extra thick and luxurious pages are resistant to curling and tearing
  • images are printed directly onto fuji pearl paper for a beautiful pearlescent surface and ultra-bright color saturation with sharp details
  • the craftsmanship uses a patent combination of film and laminate layers which create a remarkable three-dimensional image