in august i moved back to my home state of vermont with my beautiful swedish husband.
he chose vermont and i had the opportunity to embrace home after a decade of running around.

the airport reunion/welcome was magical. i stood an hour and a half at the arrival gate only to understand it would take david HOURS more to get through boarder patrol. i settled in upstairs for a drink and decided to walk back out to the car, in the rain, because my high heels were killing me. (and i was wearing a dress and wanted to put on leggings because it was cold.)

just as i walked back down through the arrival hall.. who do i see, but mr. david! i screamed, suitcases were dropped and we ran at full speed to each other where i jumped up on him, and he held me so tight i felt my dress pulling up and my underwear hanging out. WHOOPS! i didn't care! i overheard ladies near by watching us and saying "oh, her husband, oh how cute."

at home with us:
we both work from home.
are turning into coffee snobs.
we still need furniture in our new apartment.
we take walks to the mailbox together.
uncle tony's pizza knows us by name now. 

living room. coffee table courtesy of me and middle school shop class.

used coffee mugs + dalahäst + picture books. 

galley kitchen.

oh, you can thank meagan & crystal for the alcohol cabinet hand-me-down. (it's fuller now!)

it's all in the details.

4pm, our living room.

backyard in black and white. 

study center.

vintage | collection.

the bathroom. nothing special. 

my d.i.y. headboard! 

wedding wall art. we roast, grind and press guatemalan coffee beans.

the ckphoto office. 

outside our kitchen window.