nothing fills my heart with joy and satisfies my soul than seeing my clients honor and show off their beloved images in their home as chic, tasteful décor! 

since the photography world went digital there are lot of questions and assumptions that the digital work flow of a photographer has become easier. in many aspects, yes. however, there is still the same amount of work involved for editing, proofing, retouching, organizing and file prep.

while studying photography we heavily spent time on the skill and craft of film, developing, printing, editing and my favorite: critique. i feel it is crucial to learn the foundation of film to fully understand, appreciate, work and know photography.

with that, it would never be allowed to hand in just a negative or a 'digital file' for homework or presentation. ever.
there is a whole world of developing, printing, the craft of the dark room (now known as Photoshop), fine tuning, important + personal artistic decisions to be made, such as paper type, inks, size, framing, presentation. these are the things we spent time learning and caring about in our craft.

it pains me to hear people just stashing away images on a CD or hard drive. i, too am guilty of this, but make it my focus to 'give life' to those rare and special images i am happy to look at everyday. these images were a special moment of life that happened, that were recorded and should be celebrated and on display! 

take a peek into meagan + crystal's living room: they are beautifully reminded everyday of their fabulous, fashion forward wedding with a large gallery wrap wall display. 
simple. chic. customized art to last a life time. XOXO