let me tell you this: if i were in high school right now, i would totally be friends with caitlin marriott!
what a gem she is - fashionable, witty, intelligent and knows a thing or two about cars!
though she doesn't remember it, i babysat her a few times when i was in high school and she is just as adorable and hilarious as the 4 year old i remember her as. 
it was like a walk into the twilight zone photographing her and editing these images; she has turned such a stunning and bright young lady. 
she plans on pursuing psychology post high school and is spending her social hours with friend mackenzie and beau dakota, who were both there to help with the session (thanks guy, i had a blast!)! i just had to sneak some fun photos of them behind the scene!

best to you dear caitlin, thank you for letting me create your beautiful portrait collection. it was an honor to showcase the last of your teenage years with my camera and i. XOXO