this engagement session comes with the BEST story:
Chrissy grew up in beloved Vermont and currently lives in North Carolina. 
Her fiance, Ryan is a Southern boy with all the charm! Sweet as potato pie, as poliet as they come and the perfect catch for Chrissy! He is also a wedding photographer and Chrissy is the most organized wedding planner you can come across!

They plan to marry in the charming South next fall, however, Chrissy wanted an element of Vermont incorporated with her wedding planning. So, the two FLEW UP from North Carolina to have their engagement session in the colorful autumn mountains of Vermont with CKPhoto! (SO thrilled!)

We spent some time searching for "Vermont Spots" in Southern Vermont and both decided we needed to have a covered bridge and the bright foliage.

On the day of the session, I left early to scout out some areas and to my dismay, The Green River Bridge we chose was cluttered in bulldozers, neon caution tape and men working all around the area. I sat and ate my burrito and decided we were going to make it work. On top of the surprise construction, the night before, poor Ryan fell ill and was not in the best shape to be my model. 

I decided we would have to make it work - even if I had to Photoshop out buldozers and caution tape out,  (or Ryan's pale face!) They had traveled far and I HAD to get Chrissy her piece of Vermont!

We were SO CLOSE to calling the whole session off with the state of Ryan's health, but we thought we'd give it a try and see what we could get. I can not take any editing credit for how fantastic Ryan looks in these images, he really was a trooper and pulled through! 

At the EXACT moment we arrived at the covered bridge, all bulldozers drove away, the caution tape was pulled down and the locals were out with champagne bottles (which they shared with Ryan & Chrissy!) and the construction had ENDED! Talk about our lucky odds!

I am SO delighted to showcase their engagement session and the picturesque Vermont backdrop! I hope this piece of Vermont satisfies the Southern Girl with the Vermont Heart! XOXO 

Behind the Scenes:
 Celebrating the finished Green River Bridge from super storm Irene.
 Champagne with the friendly locals!

we loVermont.