Yes, you did read it right. I am hosting a contest and giving away a FREE* (sorry, you are stuck with travel and taxes) WEDDING PACKAGE! 
In honor of my relocation back to my beloved home state of Vermont, I am hosting a photo contest in search of the most outrageously creative Pintrest Board! 

In my ten years of leaving Vermont I have had the most AMAZING decade of my life. It started with photography school in New York City, then transferring schools to study photography in Boston.
Soon after, I ran away to Sweden to au pair and live with a darling swedish family, and ended up meeting my swedish husband (who has landed and arrived safely in the States!)

When I lived in Sweden with him I packed my bags, left the man of my dreams to run out in Los Angeles, where I have been the past year and a half working my dream job with an incredible wedding and portrait photographer, learning retouching and mastering color correcting! (My favorite!)

I gave my husband first choice on where we live in the United States and he picked my home state of Vermont. I honestly thought I would never see myself moving back here. Like ever.
I know in a marriage, the word compromise comes up a lot, so I let that idea simmer for a few months before I became absolutely head over heels in love with it!

SO! Here I am. I have arrived to photograph, document, tell, create and share with you my fresh and fun way of seeing life through my camera. In honor of my relaunch celebration, I am in search for some blushing brides-to-be with big imaginations!

My most recent wedding clients have inspired me to dig deeper than Vermont barns and mason jars. Your wedding day is YOUR day; You can fulfill all your own wishes and visions. Heck, hire a wedding planner, like Ashley from W Creative Services to help make all your wildest dreams come true!

I want to see your Pinterest Board! I know you have one! (Even if you are not engaged, I know you still have one!) We are all dying to see what you have in mind!

Visit the website for the full rules, and our Facebook to enter! Fill in your name, valid email, screen shot of your Pinterest Board and Pinterest Board URL and submit.

 This is a VIEWERS VOTE contest so enter in your info, share your inspiration and vote, vote, vote!

You just might be the most creative bride in Vermont and end up with a FREE  Simple wedding photography package from us!

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