this past weekend i received an image from darling david in sweden, of a small white room, with bikes, paint cans and storage items with a question "guess where i am." i really did not recognize the place and guessed an attic and gave up. he wouldn't let me give up.
then a huge wave of sentimental nostalgia overcame me and i smiled so big. IT'S YOUR OLD BEDROOM WHEN YOU LIVED IN THE COLLECTIVE!

in my travels of sweden and europe in 2009, the story goes that i would not visit one place twice. i ended up going to malmö, sweden, where david was, 7 times before i left.

this place is so special to me. the day i met david at the train station in malmö, i knew he was the love of my life. my senses were on overload, the people, the streets, the places- i was so in love with malmö and everyone, everywhere felt so magical. i know this may be hard to hear for those of you currently in malmö, but i am so in love with malmö and it holds such a dear place in my heart.

years later, i ended up moving and living there with david. it was my home for over a year, and i hated departing it. living in sweden was the best and worst time of my life (please see new tv show: Welcome To Sweden.) 

i did make a surprise visit about a year ago now, and realized i left in such a rush (getting married and preparing to move back to the states) that i did not have time to photograph this place for my personal collection. so i did. i packed up my film camera and bought my favorite black and white rolls and specifically went around the city to my favorite places to document. 

one week from today i am picking my swedish husband up in boston, where we will begin our new life together in vermont. saying goodbye to malmö is easy for him, but knowing that our ties are (somewhat) over is a little sad. knowing i have darling david with me on our beautiful journey to burlington, vermont is simply priceless, exciting and i am in full honeymoon state waiting for him to arrive. XOXO

the train station in malmö, Centeral Station. where david and i first met.

rådhuset. city hall. where we got married.

the top floor apartment building david use to live. aka vildblommen.

one of our neighborhoods in malmö- värnhemstorget.

idaborgsgatan. our bittersweet apartment, the last apartment in sweden.

ours was the top floor. overlooking a beautiful private park. where the birds would go crazy everyday at 2045.

our pizza shop; where i ordered the same pizza- mozarella, parm, prosiutto and arugula. 

the ultimate fika with with ultimate girlfriends with the ultimate photobomb. ever.

my wonderful mother and father in law. i might be more in love with them than david. shh, don't tell him!

their beloved green house with enchanting summer dinners.

THEE best cafe lattes on this earth. for real. when i think of malmö, i automatically want a latte from Lilla Kafferosteriet. 

and then this amazing place, Sockerbit (sugar cube) for brunch..amazing.

amy, the american on the right is responsible for connecting me with lina on the left, my amazingly talented wedding photographer.

bikes. bikes. BIKES! don't even know the couple- they looked darling off to a dinner party and i had to get a snap shot. any one know them? send this along to them with my biggest thanks!

conversations with patrik in folketspark. 

this is how many people bike in europe. this is one lonely m star in the sea of bikes.

i became fascinated with baking, swedish baking and cook books.

magnus + coffee time in sweden. aka FIKA. its the british version of tea time, but it happens at least 6-9 times in a single day, and with 6-9 times the coffee strength than you'd ever imagined.

an enchanted swedish forest.

a bird park for bird watching.

its not sweden without practical wind turbines.