this story needs some attention after all the town buzz that has started from it.
my little sister, Baby Bots (nickname, of course) is one rockin' girl. she is tough as nails, sweet as pie, hard working, loves video games, laughing and crazy offbeat music. she also is the least feminine person i know.
growing up, she protested wearing girl's clothing and would request the boy Happy Meal.  one may perhaps think as a photographer it is easy to photograph the people we love and know so well, but this was quite the opposite:

Baby Bots was a bit of a challenge to get dressed up and comfortable in front of the camera. I totally rose to the occasion, as i was determined to get viewer's reaction of "OMG! THAT DOESN'T EVEN LOOK LIKE HER!" 
the rain was passing through as we were in hair and make up and i was on the fence if we should postpone the session with the downpour outside. Baby Bots firmly stated that she would NEVER go through the hair and makeup prep again, so if we were to photograph, it was now or never. (THANK YOU RAIN CLOUDS FOR BEHAVING!)

after the session, i helped her wash the make up off her face, i told her how amazing the shoot went and thanked her for being my model. she looked at me, smiled and genuinely responded, "i actually had a lot of fun doing it!"

to my beautiful, smart, dedicated, sweet baby sister, this collection is for you! XOXOX 

Baby Bots everyday after work:

Baby Bots as my photographic muse: