today's blog tale stems from a facebook conversation i had with a dear friend from overseas this morning. 

we worked together years ago in boston, and found each other on facebook in the more recent years. 
i remember looking at her wedding photos of her as a bride and my jaw hitting the floor. 
she looked stunning. i mean, really, i had never seen her look more beautiful.

the conversation started with her asking me about my personal wedding photos on facebook and she complimented me on how beautiful i looked! i only could return the compliment, ten fold.

she said to me, "by the way, that picture is so elegant!"
i responded with, "NOT as elegant as YOURS!"

to my surprise, she told me, "i only posted the good ones. not all of them. basically i never looked at them again because the majority is not so good."

to be clear, i am by no means, bashing her photographer, because i have never seen these images. however, it is heartbreaking to hear a bride NOT being thrilled with her wedding photographs. 

i also am by no means promoting myself as the best and only chosen wedding photog. because to some, i may not be your wedding photographer. however, i am throwing out into the universe for those brides-to-be, that researching your potential wedding photographer is a little more than a Pinterest board, a friend with a camera, or the cheapest route.
can they provide examples of weddings they have photographed from start to finish? this is critical as photography is a challenge in itself, let alone the uncontrolled event of a wedding, the lighting is constantly changing, and there are so many smaller moments that unfold within the larger ones.

take the time to engage with your potential photographer. if you are diggin' their work and their personality, schedule in a consultation to better prepare and educate yourself. 

good luck & much love,