i remember the first RCR song i heard, "small town pride." i remember becoming addicted, obsessed and totally, utterly in love with their music, their stage presence, their lyrics, their passion, power and just energizing life they blinded us all with. 
going to shows was an addiction in high school; the vermont music scene was so full of electricity and talent. this was the time in my life when i was getting into photography and video production, so of course i would bring video and film cameras to document, experiment and play. 
after falling in love with RCR in vermont, and my move to manhattan, i would round up my group of SVA girls in NYC to see every show at The Continental along with my other band obsession, The Sexy Magazines. what a scene. ughhh SO GOOD! 
it was like my religion; my therapy; to rock out and sing along and even more amazing to do it all again one last time. i take this as my welcome back to vermont party, and a bittersweet closing of the RCR chapter in my life.  

rock on RCR. forever and always. 
"from the heart, from the soul, small town pride is all i know."