ahhh, the city of angels. 
it's ritual that i use a few rolls of film to document my life and surrounds before i leave a place. for nostalgic purposes; to archive another chapter in my life. 
i decided to use kodak disposable cameras rather than 35mm or 120mm, only because i don't trust myself biking around with anything valuable in my bag in l.a. traffic. and also, the reactions from old school disposable film cameras from people were PRICELESS. . . 
come see my life on the west coast for the past year and a half. 
i hold you all so near and dear to me, and have thanked my lucky stars you have all been a part of my west coast runaway.

the city from afar.

my neighborhood, Studio City.

outside my apartment.

apartment pool, hot tub and street biking home.

my green bike. my beloved purple one was stolen. otherwise it would still be with me today.

sunset out my bedroom window. 

my messy nightstand. 

one of my favorite houses in the neighborhood. biking home.

the brady bunch house was also in my neighborhood! it was the highlight of every tour when friends would stop by. :)

the amazing ju studio.

hard at work in the gorgeous photo studio.

my boss' dogs, that i fell in love with. so love maltese now!

Ventura Blvd., Studio City

babysitting life. <3.

lovely, fun, amazing roommate, and her cat!

friends for brunch at Aroma!

it's getting to be rush hour...

the getty.

the pacific ocean view.

friends at the observatory! 

downtown LA.

the streets of downtown LA.

as far as the eye can see, under the golden california sunset.