i write this blog entry with bittersweet news. i must say goodbye to los angeles and follow my heart back home to the green mountains of vermont. for the past 10 years i have had a full agenda with photography ambitions, traveling dreams, falling in love, searching for home, finding myself, loosing myself, growing as a visual artist, growing as a person, failing, succeeding, planning, stressing, learning, discovering. i feel like i am in constant puberty and have had to keep going on my quest for home, reason, life and purpose. i came out to los angeles and received an invaluable experience with Justine Ungaro in her gorgeous photography studio on Ventura Blvd. i truly feel this is where i have done the most self realization and reflection of myself as a person, my photographic work and my own business. my husband and i now embrace the start of our beautiful life together, full of nature, love, dreams, ambitions and hopes in charming vermont. i could not be more excited to embrace my progressive home state and show my husband my country.

CKPhoto is both delighted and blessed to have had such amazing clients out in SoCal and my cheeks hurt from smiling while skimming these images of past shoots here in Studio City. May you all cherish these images that I have had the pleasure and privilege of taking in documenting your lives, portraits, milestones and celebrations. 

Stay tuned people of Vermont; CKPhoto has A LOT to celebrate and wants you ALL to be a part of the action! Watch out of upcoming contests, giveaways and FREE gifts that are a part of the Welcome Back Home celebration!!