The definition of a jet setter is a person who travels frequently; often, it is used to describe someone in high society with a glamorous life.

A person who travels to numerous places around the world to places that other people always want to go but never do.

* * * 

i suppose for one who does as much running around in their personal life
 needs a work schedule just as crazy.

CKPhoto travels a lot for weddings and I would never say no to a wedding because it is too far away. 

I crave it. I love the side adventure. I thrive being in a new place, having the sense of uneasiness traveling on an unfamiliar path, yet being so inspired and having the space to let the creative juices flow.

here are some images from my instagram of recent travels on wedding missions:

philadelphia skyline, taken from my rental car, stuck in a rainy traffic jam. / last week.

my side mission is always finding the best lattes. most of the time it's running around an airport and grabbing Starbucks to go. a tall latte, please! / march 2014

my obsessions with lattes are best suited for vermont; downtown rutland's The Coffee Exchange. . .♥! the girls there gave me a stamp card and i go in so often when im there, they think i am a local!

my FAVORITE vermont treat is the SUN UP BAKERY on the killington access rd. I treated my bride and i to the most amazing maple lattes & pumpkin muffins before the hair and make up crew arrived. bliss! / vt fall 2013

inventory check list: lenses cleaned? batteries charged? memory cards clear?
gearing up for a wedding starts DAYS before i actually leave. 

The rest of my wedding season this year (so far) is all in beautiful Vermont. I can not WAIT for these weddings! Family farms, dazzling themes, breath taking dresses, green mountains . . . 

it's an addiction. 
[kinda like lattes.]